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What does cutting edge technology look like in structural engineering?

Building Design
structural engineering project designBuilding design involves understanding the local codes and then creatively working around that to make a practical, aesthetically pleasing structure. Buildings now function as life support systems that have communication centers, data terminals and integrated education, justice and community. Buildings in a neighborhood have synergy so it matters who takes a look at a project.

Building Performance Analysis
BIM has intelligent 3D computer models that allow easy modification, sharing, and coordinated information during a design process. The goal has been efficient design process but also to make the best use of materials. It serves as a basis to solve problems.

Design for Sustainability
It involves reducing negative impacts on the environment or health. This improves building performance and takes a long term view of building usage.

Assessments and RehabilitationAlong the way the building will experience natural disasters. Assessments check the infrastructure since it’s the most critical part of the building that must remain standing. Rehabilitation involves changing out materials to protect the infrastructure or improvement. At times it means replacing portions of the infrastructure to strengthen the whole.

Heavy Civil Design for Water
Movement of water in and out of a building or protection from water during heavy rains takes forethought. Water solutions saves hundreds of dollars and protects community health.

Transportation Structures
This develops ways to deliver goods and services to a building or resident as well as to get the resident there easily. In an urban situation public transportation and personal transportation is a must as well as pedestrian traffic.
Whatever the needs DMS has a service that suits the needs in a way that is good for the globe.